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Fearful Rabbit Abandoned In A Box Clings To His Teddy Bear

Someone in London noticed a box moving on the side of the road and rushed over to investigate. They were surprised to see a rabbit bouncing around inside the box while clutching to a teddy bear. He got the rabbit home and then made a call to the RSPCA for assistance since he couldn’t fathom somebody leaving such a cute bunny outside in the cold.

RSPCA animal collection officer Lisa Miller arrived at the home as soon as she received the call to pick up the helpless rabbit they had called “Nigel.”

“She seemed so adorable as she bounced about with her teddy bear. She must have previously resided in a house because she is obviously devoted to the bear.”


Fortunately, Nigel appeared to be in good health when he was transported to the veterinarian. Who knows how long he was exposed to the elements, but everyone was delighted to see him okay.


Lisa stated

“No pet should ever be abandoned in the elements like this. Nigel’s discovery was quite fortunate.


Nigel is currently housed in an animal shelter.

When he was initially saved, he was obviously terrified and bewildered by being left behind, but his teddy bear helped him maintain his composure and get adjusted to his new temporary home.

He always feels more at ease when his teddy bear is nearby.