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Tiny Dog That Was Found Tied To A Tree And Could Barely Run Never Gave Up, He Is So Strong!

Meet this lovely dog that could barely run. He has had a very tough life because it was found tied to a tree.

His name is Louie and he is super cute though.

Dog was rescued at first and now he climbs ladders onto boats. He also has a loving family and he is so happy about it.

He and his German Shepherd brother, Winston are inseparable and a cute video of them was shared in Internet.

Their dad, who serves in the US Coast Guard, talks about Louie’s situation.

“This is Louie (The Poodle – at least we think he is a poodle – and Winston. I’ve been the lucky owner of four German Shepherd dogs in my life. Some have served with me in the USCG. All of them would climb the ladders on various boats. The boat also has a ‘Dog Ladder’ attached to the stern; the dogs prefer going up the main ladder on the bow.”

“My girlfriend has Louie. Louie was a rescue dog. When we got him, he could barely run. Think he had been tied to a tree for the first part of his life. His rear legs would stick out as if running with a rope between his legs.”
“All that got better once he found his new home with us. With lots of swimming and visits to the dog park, he overcame the way he had learned to run while being tied, left that awkwardness behind, and began to run like a normal dog.”

He is such a big boy and a hero as well! Well done, boy.