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Captain, The Dog Who Lived Next To The Grave Of His Best Friend For More Than 10 Years, Passed Away

The Captain’s story is a perfect example of loyalty and devotion. The dog spent over 11 years protecting his loving human’s tomb in a cemetery. Miguel adopted Captain in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba province, Argentina, in 2005. Miguel started the amazing tale that has been heard by hundreds of people all over the world before he tragically passed away on March 24, 2006.

The family assumed that Captain was either lost or had moved on since he never came home. Up until the day they went to the cemetery and discovered him there. The dog approached while barking as if he were sobbing, and Damián, Miguel’s son, started to proclaim that he was the captain.

Captain resisted being taken back home by Miguel’s family and made the choice to remain in the cemetery close to his friend’s grave.

The most remarkable aspect is that it is unknown how the dog was able to locate the cemetery where his owner was buried, given that he passed away in the hospital and that his body was taken to a wake that was held a long way from their house. At no point did the dog accompany them as they went to the cemetery.

Every day at six o’clock in the evening, Capitan laid down in front of Miguel’s grave and stayed with him all night since he wouldn’t leave the cemetery.

The animal was unwell and perhaps 15 years old. He was given a chronic renal failure diagnosis a few years back, which made him throw up and feel sleepy.