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Dog Rescued From The Streets, He Can’t Believe He Just Got His First Bed, His Happiness Is Reflected In His Face

Sometimes, the most minor thing that they may provide for us ends up being a present with enormous significance and worth for us. A homeless dog named Ezra believed that the cold, hard pavements were the coziest and most comfortable place to sleep for a portion of his life.

His perspective was altered when he was given his first bed as an unexpected surprise! And his beaming smile told it all.

Ezra couldn’t keep his eyes open when he arrived at the Fairfield County Animal Control and Adoption Center in September of last year because he was so terrified.

Facebook/Samira Yaghi/Fairfield County SC Animal Shelter

The crew realized they needed to take action as the dog merely shivered and stared at the wall in the back of his kennel. The workers at the shelter came up with a strategy centered on hot dogs to win Ezra’s confidence and help him get over his phobia.

The Dodo spoke with Samira Yaghi, the shelter’s coordinator for rescue:

When we visited Ezra’s kennel, we always carried hot dogs with us. What initially started as throwing the hot dogs slowly changed into his taking them gently from our hands.

Facebook/Samira Yaghi/Fairfield County SC Animal Shelter

Ezra would then put his body out to the volunteers to be rubbed and petted as his confidence grew.

The anxious and trembling canine finally left his confinement after five months and went for his first walk around the facility.

Since then, the dog hasn’t stopped waving its tail and leaping whenever it sees them coming; it also reportedly likes to lick and welcome them.

Ezra’s life was irrevocably transformed by one of these strolls because when he got there, he would discover a present that he would cherish always.

Facebook/Samira Yaghi/Fairfield County SC Animal Shelter

Posted by Samira on Facebook:

“Several dog beds that were gifts were still parked in the driveway. He had to be dragged out after falling asleep on the bed while out for a walk. He sat back down on the bed after returning from his walk.

Because of its attachment to the bed, the shelter personnel decided to give it to her as a present and immediately brought her to the kennel.

Without second thought, Ezra plopped down in his new bed and started to relax. His ear to ear smile expressed his delight.

Facebook/Samira Yaghi/Fairfield County SC Animal Shelter