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“Wake Up, Love,” A Devoted Cockatoo Says As He Bids His Companion Farewell, Refusing To Accept His Departure

Believe it or not, for a cockatoo, one of the most loyal and caring species, watching your loved one depart is one of the most agonizing experiences you can have. And a video that has gone viral demonstrates how much an animal may suffer when the love of its life is no longer present.

People sometimes forget that animals have sensations that are quite comparable to human feelings, and hence justify certain forms of cruelty by claiming that they are “simple animals.” Those of you who have these kinds of thoughts can benefit from reading the following narrative.

It’s about a pair of pink-breasted cockatoos who starred in a dramatic scenario in the middle of the sidewalk, where one of the birds was resting.

Credit: @susantananda3

The anguish of losing this bow tie, whose mate died in the middle of the road, was made known through a film. Although a dead bird isn’t unusual, the Australian cockatoo’s subsequent ceremony to try to resurrect it has made quite a commotion.

It appears that the animal was hesitant to accept death, and at the time of pecking, it attempted to resurrect it with all its strength. Because there was clearly no way to do this, the bird begins to sing to it with something sweeter and more heartfelt.

Credit: @susantananda3

The incident occurred on one of Australia’s thousands of roads, but it was recently publicized courtesy to Twitter user Susanta Nanda IFS. One minute of recording was all it took to convince us that animals are much more than just instinct.

“Please come back to me, love.”

Credit: @susantananda3

Despite the fact that they do not understand our language, the tragic bewilderment of the cockatoo moved more than 600,000 people.

The unfortunate woman refuses to accept her life partner’s death and surrounds him like a woman attempting to resurrect the man she loves.

The bird repeatedly zooms in and out with no response.

Credit: @susantananda3

When their partner does not react, other animals will go immediately, but pink-breasted cockatoos are monogamous. These lovely birds only fall in love once in their lives, and they start a family with that couple.

Credit: @susantananda3

These cockatoos have a very distinct conception of love, even more loyal love than some human humans, whether by nature or because of an emotive bias.

Although the individual who captured the video did not describe the circumstances in which the bird died, the fact that it was laying on the road raises some questions. Most likely, the cockatoo collided with a moving automobile, whose driver did not stop to assist the injured bird; it was too late for even the person who filmed the video to intervene.

Credit: @susantananda3