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Saint Bernard Who Couldn’t Get Off The Mountain Gets His Own Rescue Team

Saint Bernards were well-known rescues long before Beethoven got well-known through movies. Historically, this kind of dog has saved the lives of distressed humans, but this time the tale was different.

Since the 18th century, Saint Bernards have been saving mountain people because of their excellent sense of direction and tolerance to cold, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

The original dogs of this breed were produced by monks who resided on the Saint Bernard Pass, a perilous path over the Alps. All in the hopes that these cuddly giants would support them during various rescue operations following severe snowstorms.

Facebook/Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

According to Smithsonian magazine, this amazing and brave breed of dog has saved close to 2,000 people over the course of roughly 200 years, including infants and soldiers from antiquity.

Facebook/Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

Despite all of her previous successes, this time a dog of this breed was the one who needed to be saved from England’s highest peak. From Scafell Pike, the 121-pound dog named Daisy required assistance.

Facebook/Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

He was walking with his family when, after several hours, he started to complain of discomfort and became immobile. When they realized how bad things were, the family made the decision to contact the nearest rescue facility they could find.

Facebook/Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team’s 16 members then initiated a rescue effort, which they completed in just five hours. Despite the extremely challenging circumstances, the team succeeded in achieving their goal.

Facebook/Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

In a statement, the rescue crew stated:

As the weather would worsen later, Daisy’s owners were able to keep her well-hydrated and fed until team members could arrive on the scene with a stretcher to assist them get going again.