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Dog Who Faced The Wall To Avoid Humans Recovers Amazingly

Dogs are extremely sensitive and intellectual, and they have an unwavering commitment to their family. Sadly, despite the possible physical and psychological harm they may have sustained, some people still abuse these helpless creatures, which usually has an impact on their behavior.

There are numerous tales of mistreated pets, but the one that follows is notable for its remarkable physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation.

ngel, a dog, was saved by PAWS Animal Rescue after a dog guardian made PAWS Animal Rescue aware of the plight of the helpless animal.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

Unfortunately, the psychological harm the dog suffered was noteworthy since she was scared of people. She had been rescued from a home where she had been mistreated. Volunteers from the shelter brought her to their location, where they fed her, made her a comfortable bed, and started treating her for scabies.

In a post, PAWS Animal Rescue stated:

She was sadly skeletal and underweight, had mange, and was coated in mud. She also had the typical battered appearance that many animals have when they first arrive.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

It was clear right away that she had lost all faith in humanity as a result of the abuse she endured in her previous home. Angel was so terrified of people that when he first encountered the employees at the animal shelter, he sat in a corner of her kennel and regarded the wall.

said Paws

He immediately found the closest corner, pressed his face against the wall, and stood still.

The dog’s conduct worried the officials at the shelter, but she was obviously too terrified to look around. After being abused for a number of years, they found that Angel had a severe case of anxiety.

A film was made of Ngel’s saddened performance of the strange behavior when he first enters the refuge.

The dog eventually came out of her shell over the course of the days thanks to the rescuers’ patience. A week later, the shelter pulled another mistreated dog from a site not far from where Angel had been discovered.

said Paws

The way the two dogs greeted one another made it clear that they had both arrived from the same location and were likely brothers because of their comparable ages and colors.

Since his ‘brother’ came, Ngel has changed his attitude more rapidly, appeared more self-assured, and has a constant desire to be with him.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

said Paws

Angel accepted his brother, who was now named Cliff, and stayed at his side, either tucking himself into bed with him or simply following him about.

Cliff showed actions that Angel would gradually strive to replicate since he was friendlier to humans and completely trusted them. As he frequently contacted the employees to reassure them that everything was well, it appeared like his sibling was teaching him that he could trust others.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue