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A Cat with No Ears Finds A Home And A Closest Friend

Potato is a beautiful cat that was born without ears and had a rough existence on the streets until being rescued two years ago by Treasure Life, Be Kind To Animals Association, a local shelter in China. When rescuers discovered a serious ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals, he was transported to a veterinarian and treated to remove the adenoma, but doctors advised that the canal be removed as well.

Potato has made a full recovery following surgery, and now lives in a loving family with a sibling with whom he enjoys daily fun.

Every day is a new adventure for this cat without ears, and he’s decided to share it with his new family.

A home is found for a cat without ears.

His adoptive parents set up an Instagram account for him, where they chronicle the travels of this curious feline. They just posted a blog entry regarding its origins, stating:

“No one knows when Potato was born or how old he is since he was a stray cat.”

His family believes he is approximately 6 years old, but because he has been on the street for so long, it has been difficult to determine an exact age, so they have decided to celebrate his birthday on April 25, 2019. So Potato may have balloons and cake to celebrate his special day.

Potato enjoys playing with his buddy Horlick and sharing his life with him.

Potato, according to his family, can still hear well, is a loving cat, and enjoys games.

In this video, you can see how much fun he has:

Potato’s life had a difficult start, but losing his ears signaled the start of a new chapter in his life. He now has a family for the rest of his life.