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Camera Captures The Sweet Gesture Of A Woman Towards Her Dog When An Earthquake Occurs

When his mother, Goody Wu, discovered and saved Owen in Taiwan, he was hurt. The cute canine has now developed into a happy and healthy dog and now receives all the love and care from his new mommy. Although she had spared Owen’s life that day, the lady loves him terribly and believes that he is the one who rescued her.

Recently, the shaking started as Goody and Owen were spending a calm day at home together. The first person to feel it was Owen, who quickly stood up as the initial rumbling developed into a magnitude 6.5 earthquake. Despite having good cause to be concerned for her own security, the woman’s first thought was undoubtedly to protect Owen given how terrified he was.

Goody stated to The Dodo:

“I was aware of his fear. As a result, I comforted him by holding him in my arms and prepared to use my body to shield him from harm if necessary.”

Facebook/ Goody Wu

Goody made a kind gesture to Owen out of pure instinct. She is, after all, his defender and will constantly watch out for his safety. Fortunately, they were both secure once the shaking stopped and everything became peaceful.

Goody reports:

“He is a pretty courageous dog, but the earthquake worried him. He relaxed when I gave him a hug.

Goody’s house camera caught the event on film:

All of this pales in contrast to the love and happiness the dog offers to his adoptive mother every day, despite the fact that Goody was the one who acted immediately to keep Owen safe and quiet during this scary period.

Facebook/ Goody Wu