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This Dog Was Abandoned At The Shelter With His Bed And All His Toys

Dog Wall-E, age 6, was adopted from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in 2015. (MCACC). He was adopted by a new family, who cared for him and treated him to toys and goodies. Then, three years later, Wall-E discovered his entire collection contained in two plastic trash bags.

The dog was unable to comprehend why he and his belongings were returned to the Arizona shelter or why his owner was inconsolable while bidding him farewell. All Wall-E understood was that he was devastated and alone once more.

Wall-family E’s apparently no longer had the time to care for him, which is why they abandoned him at the shelter.

lynn lee

Jordan Bader, who manages the MCACC’s adoptable dogs Facebook page:

“His family didn’t have enough time for him, so they gave him away. He felt terrible fear. He continued to bark in his kennel.

Wall-E was unable to keep his bed and toys in his kennel since the shelter did not resemble a dog hotel. Being removed from the luxuries of his previous life and the people who had vowed to love him forever had left him bewildered and unhappy.

The adopters couldn’t see the once-happy dog behind the defensiveness as they passed by his crate. However, workers at the shelter were aware that a really kind dog was being held captive and eager to meet the actual Wall-E.

For two months, Wall-E waited in the shelter for a family to arrive, but none did. Jordan then got the bright idea to share his tale in an effort to help the dog find a new family. And it succeeded.

Jordan remarked:

“I manage the [Facebook] page and network for the shelter dogs with help from about six volunteers. We were aware that this picture would be tragic and get a lot of attention, but we had no clue how it would go viral. Many people were intrigued in him.

lynn lee

When Lynn Lee saw the picture of the dejected dog, she was so affected that she went straight to the shelter to meet Wall-E. She brought her own dog, and the two got along so well that Wall-E was already sent to his well-deserving future home the day after his Facebook photo was posted.

lynn lee

In a comment on a video, Lynn stated:

“Wall-E arrived here thanks to a simple snapshot and a social media post. One act of kindness at a time, together we can genuinely improve our planet.

Jordan remarked:

They have been incredible. Wall-E gets along well with the family and adores cuddling and dog parks.

lynn lee

Wall-E is displaying his individuality now that he has a new mother, and he is acclimating to his new dog bed very rapidly.

lynn lee