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Surfers Hear A Crying Baby Whale, Spend 6 Hours Saving Her

A couple of local surfers on a beach in Costa Rica were about to catch waves when they saw an odd-looking lump in the water in the mouth of a small river nearby. Mauricio Camareno and his friends approached the object and saw that it was a stranded baby pilot whale crying for help.

“She was very weak and could not keep afloat,” Camareno told Amelia Rueda. The men carried the whale back closer to the open sea but she was too exhausted to swim. They stayed with her for more than 6 hours keeping her afloat so she could breathe, pouring water on the whale to protect her from heat. When she got her strength back, the men guided her into deeper waters and she swam off on her own, presumably to look for her lost family.