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Two-Legged Dalmatian Finds The Best Home After Being Rescued

After going through a lot of pain in the dog meat trade, a Dalmatian dog with just two legs has been able to find happiness. When she was around 8 weeks old, the puppy known as “Emma Roo” was saved from a nearby butcher in Xi’An, China.

She had no front legs, her ears’ tips had been severed, and a portion of her tail was gone when they discovered her, making it clear that she had suffered savage abuse.

Emma was fortunately saved in time and sent to a Beijing veterinary facility where she received the attention she needed to recuperate.


The young girl was found to have a deformity in her rear limb and a few fingers were gone by the time the physicians examined her, leading them to conclude that she was headed for the slaughterhouse.

Evidently, dog meat vendors think that adrenaline is produced when animals whose limbs are to be sold are amputated without anaesthetic. They contend that by softening the meat of the mistreated animal, customers would receive a better product.


Little Emma was put in a foster family, but regrettably, exactly in 2019, she was brought back to the hospital.

Since dog adoptions are more common abroad than in China, the group of rescuers turned to Dalmatian Rescue, a non-profit organization in South Florida, to help Emma have a better life.


On April 20, 2020, Emma came in the country, right before Covid-19 forbade the export of animals. Her volunteers made the decision to publish her story on social media while she was still in the organization’s facilities in an effort to locate her a place to live.


A 27-year-old lady named Misha Rackcliff Hunt saw the web article about Emma and immediately fell in love with her and wanted to assist her. She thus determined that adopting the three-year-old puppy and bringing her to her Charleston, South Carolina, home would be the wisest course of action.