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Make A Cute Little Room For Your Chihuahua Beneath The Stairs

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll recall where the young wizard slept before his nasty uncles assigned him a room at the top of the house. Yes, you were correct; Harry did sleep in a sort of pantry beneath the stairs.

Although the cage in Harry Potter’s case was ridiculous, it is a great blessing for Poncho, a spoilt Chihuahua. We all learnt about this puppy’s past courtesy to an Imgur user whose only moniker is Fatisbac.

Credit: Zoorprendente

He didn’t provide much facts to this online community, which is known for its countless viral material, particularly concerning dogs, about Poncho and his owner, but it wasn’t necessary: the photos spoke for themselves.

Fatisbac was at his aunt Betty’s place when it all began. There is a little entrance under the stairs in the house.

Because this is normally the function assigned to these concealing places, the young guy assumed it was a pantry or warehouse, but he had no idea that his aunt’s creativity would reach another level.

Credit: Zoorprendente

When he unlocked the door, he was taken aback to see that within was nothing more than the chamber of tiny Poncho, the house’s spoilt Chihuahua. Betty, his aunt, laughed as she told how she got the idea to furnish this apartment for her dog after seeing a doll bed for sale at a yard sale.

He thought it would be an excellent alternative for Poncho to sleep more easily, especially because the size matched the puppy’s measurements precisely.

Then, once the pet was on his own bed at home, his adoring owner’s imagination was sparked in an unexpected way.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Poncho’s room also features a dresser, a picture of comical dogs playing poker, a rug, a wall hanging, and, you won’t believe it, a miniature grand piano. Yes, everything is on a perfect scale for the dog to feel like he has his own residence.

Many people have been inspired and impressed by Fatisbac’s images of Poncho’s room on Imgur. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and many people must be considering how they might do something similar at home.

Credit: Zoorprendente

He’ll inquire whether Poncho enjoys his room, to which you’ll respond that he does. When the home is full of strangers or there is a lot of commotion, he likes to remain in his own place and sleeps there every night.