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Dog Gives Hugs to Firefighters Battling California Wildfires

A stunning Golden Retriever puppy gives hugs to the courageous Marin County, Northern California, firemen battling the city’s continuing wildfires as rehabilitation. Kerith has a reputation for being incredibly upbeat, helpful, and sociable with people when she was a little puppy.

As a trained therapy dog, Kerith now works to provide her firehouse buddies hugs, emotional support, and comfort.

“He cares about people so strongly that when he meets someone new, he treats them like an old friend. She always has enough of love to share.”


At the San Rafael School for the Blind, Kerith had been put out by her mother as a potential guide dog candidate. But after around 14 months of training, they came to the conclusion that she was unfit for the position due of her benevolence.


Heidi stated to SFGATE:

“He’s very outgoing and wouldn’t make a decent guide dog because of it. A guiding dog must be wholly devoted to its owner and must not wander. Kerith, however, only wishes to love everyone.”


At that point, Heidi made the decision to sign her up for Pet Partners, a nationwide organization that specializes in teaching therapy dogs for the public.

She was invited by the firemen to visit them and provide them with a quality treatment session after graduation and beginning her career at Marin General Hospital. She has been working for a year, but she had to take a break because of the epidemic.


Kerith struggled much with this issue of isolation since she missed seeing her friends and being able to provide them with her priceless remedies.

She said:

“I would say I was depressed towards the beginning of COVID when we couldn’t do anything or see anyone. Simply put, I was sad. I failed to do what was actually expected of me, which was to show firemen my love.