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Cat Falls Madly In Love With A Little Cardboard Cutout Of Danny DeVito

This is Quincy.

He’s a sweet, snuggly cat who knows what he likes.


Quincy’s favorite — rather, favorite — toy is a cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito.

And he isn’t scared to flaunt it.


Quincy’s owner, Twitter user radtoria, bought the Danny DeVito cutout as a joke gift for her boyfriend a long back. She reasoned that while their house was under lockdown, passers-by may find it amusing.

However, sometime along the way, a specific someone grew quite enamored.


“I started hanging it in the window to make our neighbors’ walks more interesting. Then, at night, I’d take it down to close the blinds “The Dodo was told by radtoria. “I’d wake up time and time again to discover Quincy cuddling with it.”


There was considerable fear that Quincy might damage the cutout at first. Surprisingly, the cat’s continual attention has had no effect on the small DeVito. This cardboard cutout isn’t only a toy for Quincy.

“He treats it with care. He never takes a bite out of it. He never plays hard with it. It’s as if he thinks of it as a particular toy “radtoria expressed her thoughts. “If I attempt to take it away from him (which I no longer do), he just stretches his paws over it and gives me a ‘don’t mess with me’ expression.”

Quincy is clearly smitten:

Quincy now sleeps with Danny DeVito’s cardboard impersonation almost every time he falls asleep.

“It still makes me chuckle. It’s such an odd, surreal experience “radtoria expressed her thoughts. “He has a plethora of toys! Why is this the case?”