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An Adorable And Sweet Rescued Orphan Raccoon Still Returns To His Foster Home To Snuggle Up With His Loving Foster Mother

Animals, regardless of their species, have a propensity to appreciate the kind deeds that humans perform for them, and this raccoon is no different. Little Hands was discovered abandoned on the side of a major road when he was just a little infant.

They took him to a number of rescue facilities and wildlife sanctuaries in the neighborhood, but regrettably they ran out of room since there were too many animals in need.

Wildlife rehabilitator Nikki Robinson explained to The Dodo:

When people are questioned about what to do with orphaned raccoons, they typically respond, “Leave it alone and let nature take its course” or, “You can take it to the vet and they’ll have to put it down.”


Even though Nikki’s heart was broken by those comments, she was determined to do anything she could to save the raccoon.

Nikki often has a full-time job, but Linda, her mother, has a lot of spare time, and she felt it would assist her with Little Hands.


Linda was the ideal candidate since the adorable creature needed to be bottle-fed five times every day and cared for around-the-clock. Ella Linda unwillingly chose to become Little Hands’ adoptive mother knowing that she would not have any grandchildren through her daughter Nikki.

Nikki stated:

“She melted the first time she bottle-fed him, and she was quite loving to him right away because they really want to be touched. She grew close to him as a result, although knowing that she would soon return to nature.

The amiable Little Hands conquered every challenge with Linda’s care and commitment, and by the end of the summer he was prepared to go back to his environment.


The release process was carried out gradually; after leaving the home, they took refuge on the patio or porch until they knew where they were. To make sure the raccoon ate well, Linda regularly placed food out for her, but she bitterly hoped that one day the raccoon would stop returning.


Little Hands apparently had another agenda in mind since he continued paying a daily visit to the people who had saved him. He always shows up and lets them know, and because he is so lovely and loving, he hopes they will always give him plenty of hugs and kisses.