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A 3-Legged Kitten With A Strong Will To Live Has A Loving Dog By Her Side Who Helps Her Thrive And Takes Care Of Her All The Time

A little kitten from Perth, Australia, was brought to Warwick Veterinary Hospital for assistance. The cat was barely 172 grams in weight and seemed to be a few weeks old.

Considering that one of his legs was damaged, the medical staff tried their best. The young child was given their best efforts to overcome the challenging circumstances by Dr. Fiona South and her veterinary staff.

“We weren’t giving up, no matter how strong he was. As she was severely infected and had begun to essentially die, we were left with little choice but to amputate her leg as quickly as possible to avoid sepsis.”


For the little girl’s age and health, the procedure she had was fairly dangerous. Although the doctors were unsure about her prognosis, they were determined to give her all they had.

Kate says:

Since she was so young and little, I really didn’t believe she would make it through the procedure, but she did.


The tabby cat was a warrior, and survival was what drove her most. The institution has never done such a significant orthopedic surgery and operation on a young animal before; they were pleased with their success.


Very ecstatic Kate said:

“This small cat is the picture of perseverance. His boldness has greatly impressed us. Peggy, often known as “Peg Leg,” is his name. He is currently putting on weight and growing stronger every day.


Kate offered her house as a place for Peggy to complete her healing process since she was so concerned about her rehabilitation.

Moon, the woman’s dog, greeted the kitten enthusiastically right away. He is quite affectionate, and after sniffing her and sensing that he required her care, he laid down next to her. He has always taken an interest in the kittens and appreciated her support in caring for her.