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Dog Is Caught On Camera Hugging Mom’s Clothes While She’s Away

Kalina is a loving German Shepherd puppy that adores spending time with her mother, Raven Atchison, to the point where she misses her. Fortunately, the dog came up with a charming solution to the problem.

Raven is aware that Kalina suffers from separation anxiety, therefore she tries everything she can to keep Kalina at home for as long as possible. When she needs to leave the house, the woman makes sure to keep an eye on the dog.

Raven explained to The Dodo:

“I installed these cameras so that I can keep an eye on her while I’m away from home.” Also, while I’m not around, to observe if there are any stresses in his surroundings.”


Raven noticed some unusual activity from her dog when viewing the cams.

Kalina was feeling a little anxious about being alone, so she took some clothing from her mother, whom she very likely missed, and curled up on top of the bed.

In the video below, we can observe the emotional moment.

Kalina discovered a wonderful way to connect with her mother by feeling her perfume on her clothing.

Raven stated,

“My heart melted entirely!” I’m brought to tears since my aroma is simply a source of comfort for her. It made me glad all day to see her snuggle up with my garments and then lie down calmly and happily with her.”


Raven remembered that she had discovered her garments in unusual locations where she didn’t remember leaving them after seeing the tapes. The enigma was answered now that she knew why this was happening.