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Man Chooses To Go To Jail Rather Than Return His Beloved Dog To His Former Employer

Barry Myrick, a 37-year-old pest controller in Queens, New York, is involved in a court battle with his former employer M&M Environmental. Rather than return his beloved puppy Roxy, the guy opted to go to jail.

Since the pit bull is a bed bug detection specialist, Roxy was given to Barry four years ago as a helper to examine commercial and residential homes, and the firm took care for the pit bull’s costs and training. Roxy has lived with the guy and his wife over this period and has become a member of the family.

Barry was fired off from his work early in the COVID-19 outbreak, according to the Daily Mail.


Barry reveals that when he received Roxy, he signed an agreement stating that if her contract was ended or he left the organization, he would have to return her to her previous employer. However, the guy alleges that after he was fired, the corporation lost the rights to the pit bull.

Barry and Roxy have become attached and spend all of their time together; they like going on adventures and taking long walks.

The guy declares:

“She is a member of our household.” This is the closest we’ll get to having children.”


The M&M business wrote Barry a letter in June of last year, describing the dog as “corporate property” and requesting her back immediately. Due to the man’s denial, the firm took legal action, reporting Roxy as stolen, which resulted to charges of grand larceny being filed against Barry by the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

Gary Port, M&M’s attorney, claims that the firm owns Roxy and that training a dog like Roxy may cost up to $15,000.


Barry was apprehended by the police in August of the previous year and held for 15 hours.

In reference to the traumatic episode, Barry says:

“I was in jail for 15 hours.” That is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. I heard unbelievable things, such as someone hitting his stepfather with a baseball bat. He couldn’t tell anyone he was there to look after a dog ».


M&M said in a statement to the New York Post that it had always planned to rehire Barry, and that everyone anticipated him to return to work in June of last year. Barry had relocated from Brooklyn to Philadelphia by this time, claiming that he would not have left the city if he had a possibility of regaining his employment.