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Goose Rides The Train With A Woman In Need Of Help After Spotting Her Riding His Bicycle In The Park

Ariel Cordova Rojas planned to cycle to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to celebrate his 30th birthday. He hoped to spend some quiet time viewing the various birds in their natural environment without bothering them, but he received an even richer experience when he observed a bird in need of assistance.

The woman, who is a former Animal Care Manager for the Wild Bird Fund, sensed something was awry when she observed the bird on the ground isolated from the rest of the flock, according to The Dodo. She stated that she sensed something wasn’t quite right and that she couldn’t leave her alone.


When Ariel approached the goose, she couldn’t stand up and tried to crawl on her wings, so she grabbed the 17-pound bird in her arms and carried it a mile to the park gate, where they were graciously taken to the subway by someone.


During the metro trip, no one was surprised to find Ariel carrying the goose she named ‘Bae.’ Staff from the Wild Bird Fund met the woman at the metro station and took her to the clinic.


The goose was already infected and had lead poisoning when they arrived at the clinic. Ariel arrived just in time to help her.


Bae has progressed fast throughout his time at the clinic, and he now has a new pal.

During his rehabilitation, Bae and his new sweetheart encourage one other, and there is no better way for Ariel to celebrate her 30th birthday than to watch Bae on the mend.


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