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Ukrainian Zoo Considers Culling Animals Amid Fears They Could Escape

After Russian airstrikes decimated the Feldman Ecopark in Ukraine, Alexander Feldman, the creator, has raised the prospect of euthanizing certain animals. The volunteers who are still caring for the animals are attempting to move them, but if that is unsuccessful, the lions and tigers will have to be put down.

Constant attacks in the city have harmed the animal cages. Although certain regions remain intact, it is extremely possible that creatures such as bears may escape the park and invade the city.

According to the Daily Mail, the zoo has been working nonstop and has already relocated several animals, such as kangaroos, to safer locations. Their attempts to save additional animals and prevent them from dying continue.


In a recent message on the Ecopark’s Facebook page, the zoo’s creator said: “Devastated and somewhat overwhelmed by the crisis besetting the civilian population and its animals.”

“The Ecopark is no longer in operation. It was bombed heavily again yesterday and today. Infrastructure and enclosures have been damaged. Large predators are the most serious issue. Their cages have miraculously maintained their integrity, but one more bombing might set the fear-stricken lions, tigers, and bears loose, heading for Kharkov or adjacent settlements.’


The zoo said its experts are looking into the prospect of temporarily housing certain animals in Chutovo, Ukraine, in the Poltava region.

This is an alternative to sacrificing animals who have just been victims of a conflict they don’t comprehend.


Fortunately, the support of several organizations and individuals has not taken long. And, because to the widespread coverage of the zoo’s plight on social media, the Ecopark is receiving the assistance it requires to resolve the present crisis and relocate additional animals to safer locations.