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Up Close Encounter With A Beautiful, Majestic Creature Of The Animal Kingdom, The Sea Panda

Baja California Sur is a majestic Mexican State located in an ideal coastal environment. The state of Baja California is surrounded by some of the most beautiful coastal waters in the world. To the west lies the powerful Pacific Ocean, and to the east the peaceful seaside of Cortez. Each coast is abundant with sea creatures, and each side has a story of natural beauty to share. The beautiful marine species that call this area home are something that every soul must experience! Pelagic Safari is an ecotourism platform that is excited for you to experience Baja California Sur like never before!

Some might wonder what exactly a Pelagic Safari is. This is an unforgettable experience that we hope will leave you in awe of the Pelagic environment.

Pelagic by definition means the open sea and at Pelagic Safari, we take you on a Safari of the open sea. Exploration through ecotourism is dear to our hearts at Pelagic Safari, as we are in love with the open ocean and all of the sea animals that live there.

On May 4th, we had the feeling we’d been allowed just a quick peep at the lives of an apex predator and the most amazing experience of our life. It’s something we have dreamed of and hoped for. We found ourselves in the right place at the right time to meet them…… and there they were – Orcas. Swimming with the world’s most intelligent predator was a life-changing experience. These incredible sea mammals swim up to 100 miles a day, making them one of the most widely ranging mammals in the world. Killer whales possess brains over four times larger than our human brains. Observing and interacting with these magnificent animals free, in their natural environment, makes it more clear than ever that this is how all orcas, dolphins, and indeed, all other animals exploited by the captive entertainment industry should live. Today we understood once again our mission. To bring people closer to nature to ignite them the desire to protect it. This mission needs to be in the core of what we do 365 days a year.