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Man Was in A Coma And Woke Up Thanks To The Visit If His Dog In The Hospital

Andy Szasz, a 62-year-old civil engineer with colon cancer, had to be put into a coma because he had pneumonia and had stopped breathing a day after being sent to the hospital. He also has colon cancer. The guy was awakened by his visiting dog Teddy, who is 4 years old, and with whom Szasz has a deep affection.

Szasz woke up three days sooner than anticipated, which truly surprised the physicians because they were confident the guy would awaken within a week.

Andy’s wife, Estelle, arranged for the dog to visit him at the hospital and is certain that the guy woke up because he heard Teddy while he was sleeping.

Andy, Estelle and Teddy

Three months prior to Andy learning he had colon cancer, Teddy was adopted by Andy’s family.

Estella explained to Daily Mail:

Without a doubt, Andy’s rehabilitation was sped up by his daily conversations with Teddy once he awoke.

Andy, Estelle and Teddy

Andy recovered far more quickly than the doctors anticipated because to our ability to get him to the hospital. Teddy has always had a unique bond with Andy since he is such a loving and devoted dog.

Andy, Estelle and Teddy

Teddy was an exception since he was carried inside a bag as if it were contraband. Teddy was permitted to visit patients in the hospital, but he was not allowed inside their rooms; they could only meet outside.

The general intensive care unit’s charge nurse, Fiona Hall, said:

The benefit to patients, their families, friends, and employees can be enormous.

Andy, Estelle and Teddy

“It may be a wonderful, family-friendly experience in what can otherwise be a long and painful journey to the hospital,” says the author. It also helps with rehabilitation.

Studies have shown that dogs can help people recover more quickly by stimulating their senses.

Andy, Estelle and Teddy