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Golden Retriever Surprised His Family With A Baby Koala He Rescued

After saving the life of a young koala, a golden retriever called Asha is hailed as a hero. Kerry McKinnon was overjoyed when her tiny puppy gave her a present she never expected one morning.

This occurred at Strathdownie, a small town in western Victoria (Australia). Kerry’s husband contacted her extremely early in the morning, and she responded and recognized what was going on.

Asha carried a newborn koala on her back, keeping it warm and secure from harm.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

Despite her confusion, the dog was thrilled to have the koala, dubbed ‘Joey,’ on her back, and no one knows how she got there. He was clearly confused and disoriented when he sought safety in Asha.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

Kerry explained to News.com.au:

“I believe the young koala became disoriented after falling out of its mother’s sack. He’d just wandered up to our back porch and seen the dogs on their beds, so he chose to curl up in Asha’s hair since it was lovely and warm.”

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

By keeping the infant koala warm, Asha had undoubtedly saved his life, since there was little possibility he would have survived alone at night, especially given predators.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

It was difficult to separate them in order to transport Joey to a secure location; the infant koala made a loud cry since he did not want to leave his protector’s back.

Kerry stated,

“Trying to separate them wasn’t easy; the koala created quite a fuss when we tried to remove it off Asha’s back.” Dogs, I believe, have a protective instinct. The koala didn’t want to abandon Asha.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News