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Pit Bull Was Sad And Traumatized After Being Thrown Out Into A Dumpster Like Trash

A sad thing has happened to a poor dog one day. Pit bull was thrown out into a dumpster like trash.

Dog looked so hurt and sad, also very traumatized. Who could do something so mean?

Have they no heart? This so sad!

This injured pit bull was seen in a town of Warren, Ohio.

“It’s very troubling that someone would do that. All they had to do was pick up the phone, call me, call the Trumbull County Dog Pound, call the Welfare League, someone would have been more than happy to take the dog away from them,” said the animal control officer Jason Onatz.

Officers saved dog’s life and sent him immediately to the vet. He had infected wounds and many others health conditions.

He is having a lot of treatments and we hope he will be healthy again and a happy dog because he deserves to be happy.