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Puppy That Were Just 1.8 Pounds Is So Huge And Beautiful Now

A frail little puppy was discovered on the streets of Dallas, Texas. He was in bad shape and clinging to life. His health was concerning, and the Dallas Dog RRR rescuers realized they couldn’t afford to waste any time, so they opted to take him to the hospital right away.

The cub could hardly lift his head and open his eyes, and although weighing just 1.8 pounds, it was clear that he was fighting for his life.

They named the puppy Stuart and mistook him for a chihuahua due to his size, but he turned out to be a pit bull, much to everyone’s astonishment.


His health was so awful that he didn’t even resemble a pitbull puppy since he was so little and his malnutrition was so severe.

Stuart had to undergo various tests at the medical facility in order to determine which diseases he could have and how to manage his condition.


Stuart’s blood test was dismal; he was anemic from fleas and ticks and required a blood transfusion immediately. The first two days of the puppy’s life were critical and distressing; he appeared to be without conscience and was continually losing his wits.

His critical condition did not improve, but the rescuers were prepared to go to any length to preserve the tiny boy’s life.


Fortunately, Stuart began to heal after five days, and a woman called Susan expressed interest in adopting him.

The small kid appeared to be content at Susan’s home, but it was evident that he was trying to make ends meet. Susan stated that Stuart seemed exhausted, lethargic, and had his head down, and that he generally slept for several hours.


Stuart began to act like a regular dog when Susan took him home, and he looked to be feeling better. The news brought excitement to everyone and was undoubtedly a significant win in Stuart’s brief life.

With the passage of time, Little Stuart’s health entirely healed.


Dallas Dog RRR wrote on Facebook:

“I’m eating well and progressively gaining weight, so I’m in good shape overall, and I like my new family!”

Shane, Susan’s brother, came to see his sister to meet Stuart and see whether an adoption was feasible. Stuart walked onto the sofa where Shane was resting and lay his head on his chest as soon as they spotted each other.


Shane recognized he should adopt Stuart at that particular moment, because fate had brought them together to be life partners.

The small dog that had been clinging to life and struggling to make ends meet now had a lifelong home.


Stuart grew up swiftly and healthily, eventually becoming the world’s most gorgeous and kind pitbull.

Shane lives in Austin, where the breed is legal, so he takes Stuart everywhere with him; the two are inseparable.