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During Hurricane Sandy, A Squirrel Was Rescued, Isaac Is Loved By His Family

Jill is a squirrel that was saved after Hurricane Isaac. Jill is quite pleased in her new home, where she now lives among humans and dogs after falling out of her nest during a hurricane. She is a two-year-old lively squirrel that lives in Louisiana, in the United States.

Jill had no clue when she was rescued that her life would turn out to be so amazing and that she would become quite the Instagram star owing to her adorable antics, so don’t miss this series of images of the most empathetic and photogenic squirrel you’ve ever seen.

During Hurricane Sandy, a squirrel was rescued. Isaac is loved by his family.

Despite having a cage, Jill’s family claims that she is normally free to go about the home. She’s also been taught to use the trash can as a toilet.