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Olympic Gold Medalist In Athletics Uses His Incredible Speed To Save A Life

It is safe to conclude that American David Verburg is one of the fastest runners in the world after his victory in the 4 x 400 meter relay at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. This time, his lightning-quick reflexes allowed him to save a life.

In Florida, David noticed an animal that was in utter need of assistance as he was traveling down a busy highway. According to The Dodo, it was a tortoise that was abandoned on the road and in grave danger of being run over by a car.

By David

I nearly struck him myself, in fact. I lost it when I swerved. He’s going to get destroyed, I said.

David Verberg

David knew he had to save the tortoise because he couldn’t stand by and watch it get plowed over. In order to find her before it was too late, he did a U-turn, came to a halt, and then jumped out of the car. He ran to the rescue with lightning speed. He even skipped tying his shoes.

He stated:

I thought starting to run was a horrible idea because my shoes were loose and undone, but I had already started.

His haste allowed him to save the tortoise from a miserable day even with his shoes undone without having to stop traffic for too long.

David Verberg

By David

“I believed that it didn’t deserve to end this way. I believed she ought to strive to save her if she could.

The turtle didn’t seem to be hurt, he claimed. In time, he had saved her.

After that daring rescue, David kept driving until he came upon a secure location to set the tortoise free on the highway. The tortoise was able to recognize the person who saved him and is incredibly appreciative, even though he would never realize how close he was to passing away.