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Family Leaves Their Dog At The Vet To Be Euthanized Because According To Them It Was “Disgusting And Ugly”

Nik-Nak has had to go through some really trying circumstances. He was abandoned by his previous owner to a South African veterinarian with the intention of being put to death. Why? due to the fact that he was “disgusting and unattractive.” Actually, Nik-wounds Nak’s on his face—which his cruel owner had inflicted—were the only thing that made him look terrible.

Nik-Nak was given his first hot bath, which was presumably something he had never experienced before, as the first step in his rehabilitation. A team of vets took care to give Nik-Nak a comprehensive manicure and pedicure, as well as washing and treating his fur.

After that, Sidewalk Specials volunteer Kamila Nurock scooped up Nik-Nak (a rescue group in South Africa).

“He was in such horrible shape when I picked him up. He was very undernourished and had experienced a lot.

It was Kamila’s responsibility to look after him until he was ready to move into a new residence. Nik-Nak, however, never actually moved out. Kamila couldn’t let the puppy go since she grew so connected to him.

Over the course of a few weeks, Kamila came to the realization that she had finally found the canine companion she had been searching for and that Nik-Nak had already found his eternal home at her side.

Since then, Nik-Nak has undergone several alterations. Now he resembled an astronaut, the youngsters in the neighborhood dubbed him “space dog” when he was in and out of the “cone of shame.” His injuries have since healed.

This dog is no longer known as Nik-Nak; instead, he now goes by the moniker of Newman, after a beloved Seinfeld character from the 1990s.