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Hero Cat Comes To The Rescue After Owner Gets Locked Outside

Boko, a stray that was saved, found a wonderful way to repay the kindness.

Gabby Tropea, a college student in Texas, took up the lonely tabby cat after discovering him as a stray on her campus last year. The two of them have been inseparable since then.

However, a mistake at home recently jeopardized Boko and Tropea’s ability to stay linked.


Tropea had become stranded, but she wouldn’t be stuck outside for long.

Boko soon came to the rescue.

Tropea explained, “I walked to the rear patio and he noticed me waiting there.” To prevent the patio door from being opened, it was locked with a stick. It wasn’t an issue for the astute feline.

Tropea left Boko at home the other day so she could walk her younger sister Isabelle to school. Tropea had no idea that her sister had set the door to lock behind her as she walked out the door without her keys.

Tropea returned and discovered she couldn’t go back inside. She wasn’t the only one who felt apprehensive.

Tropea told The Dodo, “I came to the front door and Boko could hear me trying to come in.” “He started weeping and scratching at the door,” says the narrator.

“He began pressing his face on the stick, and I encouraged him to do so. I was encouraging him to raise it “Tropea said. “He got it when I told him what I was trying to say, and he started raising it up!”

Here’s a video of that triumphant moment:

And with that, Boko and Tropea were together once again.


Tropea stated, “When I went in, he was really happy of himself, and I gave him a couple goodies.” “For a long time after that, he was all clingy and cuddling.”

Boko wasn’t going to allow anything separate them.