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Stray Dog Visits Sandwich Shop Every Day For A Free Meal

Every night, a stray puppy sits eagerly outside the doors of a chain restaurant, her eyes full of hope.

She knows that one of the kind Subway employees will put on a pair of gloves and prepare a customized lunch for her, free of charge, in a couple of seconds. The cute puppy has been dubbed “Subway Sally” since she has never missed a visit in a year.


Kxnuko, a TikTok user who works at Sally’s favorite restaurant, shared a video of the dog’s adorable routine a week ago. With over 3 million views on the app alone, the little footage has gone viral.

Sally, on the other hand, has no reservations about testing out the other eateries in the vicinity, even though she knows she’ll get a meal and some fresh water at the sandwich shop. In his video, Kxnuko explains, “If we’re too late to offer her food, she’ll go across the street to Taco Bell.”


Sally constantly manages to find her way back to the restaurant, despite previous attempts at rescue.

Kxnuko stated in a comment on one of his videos, “Multiple people have attempted to take her, but she never wants to go.” “I believe she has a regular sleeping and feeding routine for her puppies.”