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Vet Alerts Police Shortly After Receiving 250-Pound “Dog”

Sue Yun is a girl from Yunnan, China, who has wanted a pet for a long time. The little girl begged her parents to let her have a dog at home over and over again, and after much deliberation, they decided that the time had arrived.

Sue fell madly in love with a Tibetan mastiff puppy when the whole family went to the pet store.

The large size of this hairy species is well-known. They may weigh up to 73 kilograms and stand 63 cm tall.

Dogs of this breed have also become a prestige symbol in China. They are muscular, clever, and may be expensive. Sue was head over heels in love with her new fuzzy friend.

They brought him home, and everything looked to be well at first, but the family soon realized that something was wrong with Little Cute Blackie.

The store owner had told them that these puppies grew to be rather enormous, but things were already out of hand.

Little Cute Blackie was able to stand on his hind legs by the time he was two years old. His sounds sounded like huge roars, not barks like everybody else’s.

Given their initial fears, they opted to presume that everything was due to mastiff features, but the warning flags continued to appear.

He appeared to want a lot of food from them and never seemed content. Sue’s parents were particularly concerned when they noticed Little Cute Blackie’s massive fangs.

The hairy guy and the girl got along swimmingly, but they were worried that if something went wrong, someone might be seriously wounded.

They were shocked when they took him to the vet at that point. The doctor quickly dialed 911 and informed them that they would not be allowed to take their “pet” home with them. They had been sold a Tibetan bear instead of a mastiff.

Asiatic black bears are another name for Tibetan bears. Unfortunately, they are on the verge of extinction due to hunters who seek them out in order to take their bile and sell it for alleged therapeutic benefits.