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This Sweet Puppy Already Loves His Little Sister Who Hasn’t Been Born Yet

Penelope, a tiny puppy from Brazil, will soon welcome a new little sibling. Despite the fact that she hasn’t met her for several weeks, Penelope has already began showering her with affection.

Juliana and her family are Penelope’s neighbors. Juliana is approximately eight months pregnant, and despite never receiving a formal pregnancy announcement, Penelope appears to be aware that she is expecting a child.

Facebook/ Fox Paulistinha

Juliana explained to The Dodo:

“I believe she is aware, absolutely.” She had the impression that things isn’t quite right. We clean up the nursery’s little room, and she enters and sits under the cradle. She’s always been needy and loving, but she’s become even more so for me ».

Penelope did something surprising recently. Juliana went closer to her as she sat down on the sofa, snuggling not only with her, but also with the baby inside her.

Facebook/ Fox Paulistinha

Make sure to see the emotional moment in the video below:

“This is the first time he’s done something like this.” It was an extremely emotional experience.”

Facebook/ Fox Paulistinha