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Hero Husky Found 7 Kittens in The Forest And Decided To Become Their Mother

Meet Banner, a 3-year-old Siberian Husky really has a heart of gold. She not only helps her owner, who has health problems, but also has a unique talent. Banner is great when it comes to saving animals that need help. Watch Banner’s amazing story as she saves 7 abandoned kittens and decided to become their mother.

This is Banner, a 3-year-old Husky with a heart of gold

The service dog alerted her owner Whitney of something strange in the woods recently

Banner lead Whitney from the house to a quiet spot where they found a sealed cardboard box

Inside was a heartbreaking sight: 7 barely a day old abandoned kittens

“Someone must have just put them into a cardboard box, closed the lid tight and left them there to die”

“They probably thought that no one would ever discover them. I don’t even know how Banner knew they were in there. The kittens were freezing and weren’t meowing or anything”

“It makes me sick that anyone could do that to these tiny innocent animals. It’s so cruel and heartless”

Since that moment, Banner hasn’t left the kittens’ side and has adopted them as if they were her own

“She’s very maternal,”

“Now I will find the kittens appropriate homes, that will love them forever”

“I’m so happy that now because of Banner, these kittens will go on to live their lives with loving families”

Banner is a true hero, dedicated to helping other creatures and animals of all kinds. She also has her own Instagram and Facebook Pages, with thousands of followers. Check them out for updates on the kittens’ progress!