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A Family Of Orangutans And Some Otters Have An Amazing Friendship, They Are Inseparable Now

Are you ready for the most adorable friendship ever? A family of orangutans has stolen hearts in Internet by making friends some otters.

Can you imagine how cute this is?

Their pictures are shared in Bored Panda. So sweet!

These breathtaking pictures were captured at Belgian Zoo.

Mathieu Goedefroy, spokesman for Pairi Daiza zoo has talked about their unusual friendship.

Dad Ujian, mom Sari (15), and their son Berani that is 4 year old, are such a lovely orangutan family.

“Our gorillas live together with colobus monkeys, our penguins live with the seals, our kangaroos share an enclosure with pelicans, we have squirrels living with bats, pygmy hippos with pelicans, giraffes with ostriches, Asian elephants with Asian gazelles, zebras with buffalos… and so on,” he said.

Such an amazing friendship!