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They Find A Dog Under A Car In Very Poor Condition

Large cities are home to a large number of stray dogs. They seek safety from any peril because they are desperate.

Elliot, a forlorn stray dog found beneath a car, quivering in terror of the outer world, is one such example. He went through a lot of difficulties, including diseases, but he eventually made it.

CREDIT: Karla Solís

They discovered him in deplorable circumstances, but a young woman from Tijuana, Mexico, decided to assist him. She looked after him, cured him, and rehabilitated him before placing him for adoption with a family from the United States.

Today, the puppy is completely different, unrecognizable, and ecstatic. Elliot’s story went viral on social media, reaching a large number of individuals who were inspired by Elliot’s remarkable transformation.

Karla Sols, a young Mexican woman, was the one who initially discovered him. The puppy was terrified, hungry, and his coat was badly injured, indicating that he was infected.

Karla did not abandon him despite the fact that the situation was not ideal.

CREDIT: Karla Solís

Because of his mistrust of humans, it was first difficult to catch him, as described. When she finally caught him, she rushed him to the veterinarian.

This verified the dog’s skin was infected with acute mange. His fur has nearly vanished as a result of this. Karla went on with therapy nevertheless.

As a result of living on the streets, she weighed less than half of what she should have. But she gradually improved, and she was eventually relocated to a refuge in the United States.

CREDIT: Karla Solís

He was adopted by an American family once he was fully recovered and in good health. He soon appeared to be a completely different dog from the one he was.

The transformation was dramatic, and he seemed to be in good spirits. His coat is completely restored, and they have provided him with the attention and affection he deserves. Elliot and his new family now reside in California.

CREDIT: Karla Solís