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Her Excitement Is Uncontrollable For A Blind Dog She Notices Snow The First

Mandy Leung could tell Mackenzie, a 10-week-old husky, was unique when she brought her home. Mackenzie had already lost vision in her right eye owing to glaucoma when she awoke unable to see out of her left eye a month later.

Mackenzie, on the other hand, has never let her eyesight stop her from experiencing life to the fullest.


Leung stated on Instagram, “Learning to adjust at such an early age has transformed her become a very confident child.” “She’s great in new areas and can play fetch like a regular dog!”

“Sometimes I forget she’s blind because she looks directly into my eyes when she looks at me,” Leung continued.


Mackenzie enjoys going on long walks with her pals at the park, snuggling with her mother, and playing with her friends. “Mackenzie is really peaceful at home,” Leung told The Dodo, “but she is very goofy and naughty outside.” “She’s the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet, and she’s never met someone she doesn’t like.”

Snow, on the other hand, is the dog’s absolute favorite thing in the entire world.


Mackenzie looks forward to winter all year, and when it finally arrives, she can scarcely control her delight.

She may not be able to see the snow, but she has the loveliest reaction when she feels snowflakes on her face and whiskers.

You may see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

“Snow is one of her favorite things, and she never wants to come inside when it’s snowing,” Leung explained.

Her big coat protects her from the cold, allowing her to play in the snow for hours if her mother agrees.