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Faithful Dog Waits In A Wuhan Hospital For Three Months For Its Owner Who Passed Away Of Covid-19

A 7-year-old dog named Xiao Bao and his owner arrived at Taikang Hospital in the Hubei Province in central China in February, at the height of the coronavirus outbreak. Sadly, the guy passed away, but the devoted dog waited for him for three months in the hospital lobby.

One of 3,869 people in the city who died from the fatal sickness was the owner of the dog. Xiao Bao waited in the hallway for more than three months while being fed by hospital employees since he was unaware that his father would not return.


Shopkeeper Wu Cuifen took care of the animal when Wuhan relaxed its lockdown restrictions and the hospital grocery reopened in April.

Cathy Wu stated:

“When I returned to work in the middle of April, I became aware of the puppy. I addressed him as “Xiao Bao.” I christened him with that name. I was informed that the senior who owned Xiao Bao had been hospitalised with the coronavirus. He later passed suddenly, but Xiao Bao was unaware of it and continued to hunt for him within the hospital.”


Added her:

He did not ever leave the hospital. He was extremely devoted and really moving. I got to know the dog before taking it to the store. Xiao Bao was there each morning when it opened, looking out for me. At the conclusion of each day, he bid me farewell.


According to Ms. Wu, Xiao Bao resisted leaving. He would return to the hospital and wait for his owner to return, despite their attempts to drive him away.


On May 20, when the hospital was finally full of patients, reports and worries about Xiao Bao pacing the hallways reached the medical personnel. The Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association then took the dog in when the nurses made contact with them.