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After His Day Care Closes, A FedEx Driver Allows His Dogs To Join The Team

Chorizo and Cocoa used to go to doggie day care three times a week until the coronavirus outbreak forced it to close. They’re now at home all of the time, but their parents are still working, so the family has had to get inventive to keep them occupied.

Daniel Nava works for FedEx, and while he usually conducts his deliveries alone, he figured it could be amusing to have some assistants, so he’s begun taking Chorizo and Cocoa on his route while doggie day care is still closed.


“It was a difficult choice to bring kids along on deliveries, but my supervisor was really understanding,” Nava told The Dodo. “I’ve also brought them with me before with no problems – they’re strapped into a harness that’s fastened to my seat when we travel.”

Nava was a little apprehensive about taking the pups with him at first…

…but as soon as he realized how much fun they were having, his anxieties vanished.

Cocoa and Chorizo take their job as FedEx delivery dogs very seriously, and they’ve been quite well-behaved for their father while he’s gone at work. Now that they’re official FedEx delivery dogs, Nava decided it’d be a good idea to dress them up a bit more professionally, so he fashioned them their own little work outfits.

“I made their clothes out of some old work shirts and ordered them some doggie sunglasses from Amazon,” Nava added.


Chorizo and Cocoa are without a doubt the cutest FedEx delivery drivers ever, and people have adored watching them from afar as they march around in their lovely uniforms, assisting their father with his duties.

“They seem to love their time on the route – sometimes we stop by the local neighborhood parks and I let them run around for a while,” Nava explained. “We also deliver to the Del Mar Highlands Town Area [a nearby shopping center]… and the employees there are always happy to see them.”


Chorizo and Cocoa will continue to accompany their father on his tour as long as doggie day care remains closed, being the finest little assistants anybody could wish for.