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Dog Was In Miserable Situation And Needed Help, Now You Won’t Recognize Him After The Amazing Transformation

Betty Burns and her volunteers at the Clinton Animal Hospital were shocked one day after watching a dog that had his fur burnt.

“If we didn’t hear him panting, we wouldn’t have been able to tell which end was his head,” Burns told The Dodo. “You couldn’t see his eyes, you couldn’t see his nose, you couldn’t see his mouth. How this dog got around like he did I still do not know.”

They immediately started helping the dog. Team noticed that after 4 hours, nearly 15 pounds of hair filled up two garbage bags.

Dog was in miserable situation and needed help. After all this work that finally is done, they saw a beautiful dog.

Dog’s name is Pat now and he is healthy and so adorable.

“He’s such a sweetheart,” Burns said. “He gets around great. He’s a favorite at the clinic, that’s for sure.”