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Opossum Spends The Winter In A Cozy Little Home Built By A Woman

Kenya Nixon has always had an affinity for animals, a trait she got from her mother and aunt Karen. Nixon wasn’t startled when her aunt informed her that a feral possum named Hank had crept into her garage.

“Last month, he started sleeping in her garage,” Nixon told The Dodo. “She cobbled together a makeshift bed for him.” He spends a lot of time there.”


Hank’s fur doesn’t keep him warm in the winter, and his bald ears and tail are vulnerable to frostbite. Because possums don’t hibernate throughout the winter, obtaining food may be difficult – until Hank moved in with Karen, that is.

Nixon explained, “She has this enormous garage and has an out-of-the-way area for him.” “Because the garage is separate from the house, she keeps the side door open for him to exit.”

Hank, according to Nixon’s aunt, is one of two possums she bottle-fed and discharged around 18 months ago. After their mother was struck by a vehicle, she took in the two babies.


The siblings finally wandered out into the wilderness, but Hank never forgot her generosity. When things became rough, he knew just where to go.

“He sleeps there for the majority of the day and even remains in certain nights, depending on how chilly it gets,” Nixon explained. “South Louisiana weather varies from extreme to extreme, so he may be sleeping in the garage one night and out frolicking the next.”


Hank is now having difficulty walking, so he is spending more and more time in the garage. Karen wants the old possum to be as comfortable as possible, but Hank isn’t interested in upgrading his “haven.”


She went on to say, “He deserves a lovely retirement.”