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An Eagle Poses For The Camera With The Woman He Considers To Be His Great Love

Birds can be the most secretive and mistrustful creatures in the animal kingdom, yet when they are treated with kindness, they will always know how to express their gratitude. This answer was prompted by Lohwana Halaq, a Filipino caretaker who has overseen the care and protection of a rare eagle for the last 5 years.

Credit: Lohwana Halaq

Sinag is a Philippine eagle who dwells in The Philippine Eagle Foundation’s sanctuary.

There are other members of its kind in the area, but it turns out that this creature gets along with no one but its caregiver and human mother.

“How do I look, sweetie?”

Credit: Lohwana Halaq

However, caretakers and professionals in the area believe that Sinag has recognized the woman as his girlfriend. The relationship he has and how he interacts with the young woman is unusual.

Lohwana, for one, doesn’t mind if this bird regards her as his lover or wife. The girl is overjoyed to be able to do her job, and she does it with the utmost love and attention.

Credit: Lohwana Halaq

Halaq is aware of the precarious status of these birds, which, according to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Government of the Philippines, are among the world’s largest and longest.

Credit: Lohwana Halaq

There are just approximately 500 specimens left in the globe, thus the threat of extinction is dormant.

“The Philippine eagle is on the verge of extinction owing to habitat destruction.” If this circumstance continues, the young specimens will be unable to perpetuate their species. “Hunting has also led to population decline,” stated the Philippine government’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Credit: Lohwana Halaq

The naturalness with which Sinag treats her trainer and the confidence with which she appears on video indicate a bird that is both healthy and accustomed to being treated by people. But this does not mean we are incorrect, because this copy is true to Halaq and does not seek to replace it.

He is interested and joyful in the next clip, as an eagle protected by his spouse in the sanctuary.

Sure, there will be more videos about this couple, but for now, we can only appreciate this girl and everyone else who is dedicated to conservation and has made animal rescue their actual passion.