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Young Man Turns Worn Climbing Ropes Into Dog Leashes

A youngster in Redmond, Washington, recycles climbing ropes solely for the purpose of making them into dog leashes and selling them on his website to generate money for animal welfare organizations.

Alexander Tsao, a young climber at his local gym, glanced at the ropes that kept him safe as he ascended. As a result, a thought sprang in his mind, and he questioned himself, “What happens to all the threads when they are no longer in use?”

The young man, who was 16 at the time, decided to contact the owners of the climbing gym about his worry.


They decided to properly explain to him the method they used with the climbing ropes, including how they checked their condition regularly. They replaced the old strings with new ones after verifying that their useful life had expired, and the old strings were destroyed.


Alexander was astounded by the waste of the ropes, which, despite their age, could still be utilized for various daily chores due to their durability. He immediately had a vision, due to Jinger, his rescued dog, and realized that the ropes might be turned into a robust leash for his companion.

But he also considered all of the animals in need at his local shelters and came up with a fantastic solution.


The young man went on a tour of several neighborhood gyms, gathering all of the leftover climbing ropes to make dog leashes.

He embellished them with embellishments and sold them for $14.99, with the proceeds going toward the creation of more straps. She then launched a website in 2019 where she listed all of the straps for sale and sold them at events.


The best part is that 100% of the earnings from the sale of the leashes go to various animal organizations.

Alexander, who is now 18 years old, has sold more than 800 leashes and contributed more than $30,000 to animal shelters. His Rocks2Dogs initiative not only works with leashes, but also with a variety of other animal and human products.


According to The Washington Post, Alexander stated:

“It’s important to me to help animals, and that’s what motivates me.”

The recent high school graduate has done a lot for animals in need, and he continues to work relentlessly for them. His effort has been able to reach out to a number of individual climbers as well as other climbing gyms, who have agreed to give climbing ropes to his cause.


Every day, more individuals join Alexander’s effort, ensuring that they will have enough resources to make additional straps.

The manager of the Stone Gardens Gym, Brad Szlezak, said:

“We want to help young climbers, particularly those who are doing good work.”

Making each of the straps takes a lot of time and effort, but Alexander is lucky in that he has a team of volunteers who assist him with everything.


The majority of them are residents of their neighborhood or community who were inspired by the young man’s efforts and decided to participate in his initiative. From processing to packaging orders transported to clients throughout the country, everyone plays a crucial role in the process.

Alexander continued:

“When people buy our leashes, they are pleased not just to receive a high-quality item for their pet, but also to be helping animal shelters and the environment.”