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They Let Him Fly Beside His Crippled Human Companion, And He Behaved Better Than Any Youngster

The world is gradually but steadily evolving toward a future in which animals are acknowledged as part of our family unit, allowing them to accompany us wherever we go without ludicrous limits, just as our children do today.

Unfortunately, this is still not a reality, and because animals are unsanitary and pose a risk to people’s health, it is usual to discover supermarkets, stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and buildings where our beloved pets are not welcome.

Airports are no exception, as nearly no airline permits animals to fly in the passenger area; if they must, they must do so in the cargo section, where they might dirty the plane and annoy other passengers by not being quiet and silent.

The Alaskan Malamute was discovered to be a support animal for a person who was considered handicapped owing to mental instability. The dog had all of the documentation and certificates necessary by law to be treated as a service animal, which is why the airline permitted him to go as a passenger and did not charge him the ticket.

We hope that this is the start of a future in which we may board an aircraft with a gorgeous dog as a seatmate!

Watch the video below to see the extremely wise small dog sitting on the plane: