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A Mare Who Has Lost Her Calf Finds Solace In Adopting An Orphaned Foal

Animals repeatedly demonstrate that there are attitudes that extend beyond humans, as sentiments trump any distinction between species. Every day, we are startled by strange friendships and love tales, but this time the love that worries us reacts to a strong mother instinct.

This mare demonstrates to everyone that she does not have to give birth in order to play such an essential function.

Credit: Equitality

A particularly specific example was exposed via the social network TikTok; it is a mare named City who experienced the deepest agony of all: the death of a son. This mammal’s motherhood job was thwarted when it lost its calf during birthing.

Since the mare decided to open her arms to an orphaned foal, all of Citty’s love for her young one has found a new outlet.

This lovely anecdote occurred in Holland.

Credit: Equitality

Citty was dejected and forlorn, so when her owners discovered about a motherless colt residing on a nearby property, they decided to re-unite him with his mare.

These folks spotted a chance to do a big miracle in both situations and took advantage of it.

Credit: Equitality

Although there was some concern that the foal might be rejected, Citty’s maternal instinct took over and she did not hesitate to accept the foal as her own.

The horse was not born from her guts, but she is determined to raise it as if it were.

Credit: Equitality

“He welcomed it right away, as if it were his own child!” In the video, user Equitality wrote.

Credit: Equitality


Watch this adorable video:

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