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Soldier Reunites With Dog She Rescued While Overseas from Dog Catchers

Army Sergeant Charity Webb, 29, was working as a cook in Europe when she came across a stray puppy walking about the camp. The dog finally gave birth to puppies, one of them was quite wary of the troops.

Webb was soon smitten by the adorable puppy, who reciprocated her feelings. Webb was the only soldier who could hold her without her weeping or becoming agitated.

Credit: NY Post

Webb spent weeks feeding her and winning her confidence, demonstrating to her that the guys were just there to help her and not to harm her.

But, regrettably, there were some who were eager to cause her harm. Webb had to keep the dog, which she named Pup Pup, hidden from dog catchers, who were fast to kill all the stray dogs.

Webb and Pup Pup had an exceptionally close relationship during her stay in Europe, one that Webb felt she couldn’t abandon. However, as Webb’s deployment came to a close, she was concerned that Pup Pup would be murdered without her.

Credit: NY Post

When she returned to the United States, she learned about the non-profit Paws of War, which reunites troops with the animals they cared for overseas.

Because the group is entirely funded by donations, they had to wait until they had enough money to send the puppy to the United States, which costs around $7,000. Paws of War was able to gather enough money to not only transport Pup Pup to the United States, but also to save a second puppy, thanks to a story in the New York Post.

Credit: NY Post

Webb and Pup Pup were reunited in a heartwarming moment after several months apart.

As soon as Pup Pup stepped out of the van and saw her new forever mom, she rolled over and wagged her tail.