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Curly-Haired Horses Are The Most Beautiful Creatures That Almost No One Knows About

Horses are the some of the loveliest animals on the planet, with their natural strength and their majestic stride. For animal lovers, horses are truly some of the finest specimens around.

However, not many people realize that they come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. When you stop and think of a horse, chances are you’ve got one very specific image in mind.

There’s a breed of horse you’ve probably never heard of that’s here to shake everything up! They’re called Curlies, and when you first see them, you’ll realize that they’re as cute and cuddly as can be!

Curlies all have a gene that gives them their distinct “curly” look. That’s right, Mother Nature loved this particular breed of horse so much that she saw fit to design these horses to be born with curls folks would pay to get for themselves!

Curlies are considered “hypoallergenic” because of their lack of a protein in their hair that can cause allergic reactions in some people. That missing protein actually changes the way these horses form dander.

Their thick coats protect them in colder environments and in winter. If Santa Claus ever thinks about giving his reindeer a year off, these horses would be good replacements! That is, if they could also fly.

You never forget the first time you see one of these horses. A horse this unique in appearance leaves a definite impression long after it’s gone. While you may not have seen one before, these horses aren’t new.

Though their origin is debated, they’ve been around for a long time. When it comes to determining just how long certain animals have been on the planet, it can be tricky. Very often we rely on written accounts and art from the time.