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Cat Mom Makes A Perfect Little Cat Hat Out Of All The Fur ‘Tumbleweeds’ In Her House

Faye is a hyperactive, silly cat she gets her hair all over the place thanks to her many escapades around the home.

Faye’s mother, Taylor Nelson, told The Dodo, “Even though I brush my cats and clean regularly, I often joke that my house looks like the wild west because of all the cat fur, and the AC whips them about like small fur tumbleweeds floating around in the air.” “Faye, in particular, has been shedding a lot recently, and when I brush her, I end up with these big balls of fur.”


Nelson noticed she had a lot of fur lying around her house and thought she could easily make something with it. She doesn’t consider herself particularly artistic, so she understood the idea would have to be simple.

So she decided to make a simple cowboy hat out of all of the fur tumbleweeds.


“I’ve seen people construct complete art works with their cat’s fur on the internet, but I’m not that skilled, so I went with a cowboy hat that, honestly, hardly looks like a hat,” Nelson explained. “I’m sure someone who is into felting could make a better fur cowboy hat than I did, and the way I did it was probably wrong. After combing her, I had so much fur that I just smushed it all into a ball and shaped it like a lump of clay till it looked like a hat.”

Nelson was unsure about Faye’s reaction to her new fur cap. Her mother worried she’d sit still for a photo since she’s so active, but Faye surprised her.


“She just sat there and let me put it on for some reason, and when I first put it on, she tilted her head towards it like I was caressing her, and she seemed so delighted with it,” Nelson recalled. “She is clearly the princess of the home and enjoys being the center of attention, so while I’m not sure if she was concerned about the hat itself, I believe she was pleased to flaunt it.”


Nelson also gave her second cat, Spike, the hat since he hadn’t shed enough fur to receive his own and she didn’t want him to feel left out. He wasn’t as interested about the fashion show as Faye was, and he slept through much of it. He did, however, keep a classy look.


Nelson intends to reuse more of Faye’s fur in the future, despite the hat’s haste — especially since she enjoyed trying on her cowboy hat so much.

Nelson stated, “It’d be incredibly exciting to see what else I can produce with all of this fur.” “If I’m going to have to live in a fur sandstorm, I might as well enjoy it.”