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Dog Likes Taking Naps On All The Washing Machines, Every Customers Loves The Adorable Cody!

Meet this adorable golden retriever named Cody. He really loves to help his dad with the washing machines.

So Cody is so into his job and has taken it very seriously. But sometimes he likes to nap on top of the washing machines.

But his dad doesn’t mind that because he loves Cody.

“My dad owns the laundromat and has always taken our dogs there with him when he closes up at the end of the day,” Stephanie, Cody’s sister who asked that her last name not be used, told The Dodo. “Our old dog loved to sit in the chairs to watch customers and people pass by, but Cody is more nimble than him.”

Even the customers love Cody.

“He’s also kinda snobby for a dog, so I have a theory he likes to feel like a king up there.”