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Angry Hedgehog Trapped In Ball Of Clay Doesn’t Allow Rescuers To Touch It

A poor little hedgehog was rescued after an encounter with an aggressive dog nearly turned it, literally, into stone. The animal, found in Chichester, England, tucked himself into a defensive ball when he sensed a canine approaching. However, this didn’t stop the dog from rolling it in wet clay.

When the clay solidified, it made it difficult for the hedgehog to breathe and posed a risk to its life. “He was barely recognizable when he came in, but we could see he was just about breathing (goodness knows how),” the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital wrote online, adding later: “He was hissing a lot and getting generally agitated.”

Still, the staff members proceeded with the cleaning despite the hedgehog’s ill temper. “We have got the worst of the clay off but will leave him quietly overnight now and clean off some more in the morning as he became a little cold and VERY angry,” they wrote.

“For now he is tucked up with some food feeling very sorry for himself.” Slowly, the angry little hedgehog started feeling better and even opened up to its rescuers. Then, it was released back into the wild to face new adventures. Good luck, little fellow!